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Briggs and Morgan's Intellectual Property section provides a comprehensive suite of intellectual property services designed to safeguard a company's intellectual property assets and its associated brands in the global marketplace. With our international capabilities and experience, Briggs' team can effectively represent clients in all corners of the world.

Briggs and Morgan, P.A. has a robust trademark practice. We follow an integrated approach in helping clients to develop successful strategies for managing and protecting their marks, keeping in mind both short- and long-term business goals. Briggs’ comprehensive suite of trademark services includes assisting with:

  • Clearance and registerability opinions
  • U.S. and foreign trademark registration
  • Trademark policing
  • USPTO administrative proceedings, including oppositions and cancellations
  • Licensing and transactions
  • E-commerce and Internet matters

On the prosecution side, our attorneys have handled over 1,500 trademark registrations with the USPTO and globally through our network of foreign associate firms in trademark offices throughout Europe, Central and South America, Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Rim.

Our lawyers also have broad experience negotiating and drafting co-existence agreements and trademark licenses, and often conduct due diligence investigations of trademark assets related to corporate transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions.

Representative Matters

  • Patents and trademarks for building trade hand tools, industrial pumps, sprayers and cleaning hand tools, plumbing supplies, portable room partitions, windows and door, institutional ceiling tiles, panels and treatments.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for archery accessories, including broadheads and releases, archery bows and rifles.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for asphalt products and landscaping supplies.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for health food and food ingredients, agricultural and animal ventilation products, beer brewing and restaurant services and ice cream products.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for jewelry.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for pet supplies.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for sports mouthguards and dental appliances, prosthetics and artificial limbs and catheters.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for stickers, paper products, printed labels, tamper resistant seals, canvas products and other packaging equipment.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for toys.
  • Represent multiple companies in procurement and enforcement of worldwide patent and trademark rights.


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