Professional Liability

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Professional liability disputes are frequently “bet the company” cases that involve jury trials, bench trials and arbitrations.  We believe the best way to avoid the courtroom is to have attorneys on your side who are known for winning in the courtroom and negotiating favorable settlements or business solutions.  Briggs has several attorneys with professional liability experience who have been elected to American Board of Trial Advocacy and the American College of Trial Lawyers -- peer elected organizations devoted to recognizing only the best courtroom lawyers.   

Our attorneys regularly collaborate with our varied practice groups to provide integrated, knowledgeable legal service to our clients. This collaboration can involve business transactional lawyers, technology specialists, construction law specialists, or lawyers who specialize in the formation and break-up of professional services organizations. We also utilize advanced case management systems and other technologies to provide unequalled efficiencies and coordination in complex and multiple district case litigation. 

Our litigators serve a broad range of clients including multinational corporations, business start-ups, commercial enterprises, nonprofit educational and charitable institutions, utilities, governmental agencies, public bodies and individuals. We work with Fortune 500 companies, insurance companies and professional organizations to deliver efficient business and legal solutions.  Briggs and Morgan is recognized as a “go to” Midwest litigation firm for defending some of the most significant high-exposure cases, involving law firms, accountants, engineers, executives, board members, shareholders, medical and dental professional, real estate brokers, technology professionals, and financial services representatives.