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Briggs and Morgan's Intellectual Property section provides a comprehensive suite of intellectual property services designed to safeguard a company's intellectual property assets and its associated brands in the global marketplace. With our international capabilities, diverse technical backgrounds and combined experience, Briggs' team can effectively represent clients in all corners of the world.

Intellectual property portfolios are invaluable in today's sophisticated markets. At Briggs and Morgan, we recognize that patents are a key component of any successful portfolio. Well-crafted patent portfolios position innovative companies to achieve a variety of business objectives, such as augmenting market position, generating revenue, preventing competitors from copying technology, and encouraging favorable cross-licensing or settlement agreements.

Briggs' patent prosecution team is positioned to handle all of your needs for obtaining patents, and using patents and patent-related information strategically in the global marketplace. Using our broad base of experience, we advise clients at every step of the patent prosecution process. Our patent attorneys provide cost-effective guidance based on former experience as engineers and scientists, patent examiners with the USPTO Patent Examination Corps, and in-house counsel for multinational corporations. Together, this experience helps us effectively prosecute patent applications to yield patents that are successful in protecting a client's products and inventions against third-party infringement.

During the patent application process, we will work with you determine if seeking international protection is in your company's best interest and maximize patent filing opportunities. Our seasoned attorneys are capable of filing patent applications and maintaining patents anywhere in the world.

Representative Matters

  • Patents and trademarks for building trade hand tools, industrial pumps, sprayers and cleaning hand tools, plumbing supplies, portable room partitions, windows and door, institutional ceiling tiles, panels and treatments.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for archery accessories, including broadheads and releases, archery bows and rifles.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for asphalt products and landscaping supplies.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for health food and food ingredients, agricultural and animal ventilation products, beer brewing and restaurant services and ice cream products.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for jewelry.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for pet supplies.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for sports mouthguards and dental appliances, prosthetics and artificial limbs and catheters.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for stickers, paper products, printed labels, tamper resistant seals, canvas products and other packaging equipment.
  • Prosecuting patents and trademarks for toys.
  • Prosecuting patents for gas permeation sensing equipment.
  • Prosecuting patents for novelty and party balloons.


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