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Briggs and Morgan environmental litigators successfully handle complex litigation in federal and state courts throughout Minnesota and the Midwest. Our environmental attorneys are experienced in working with the public sector and possess unique knowledge from both the government and business perspectives. One of our attorneys previously served as district counsel for the St. Paul District Army Corps of Engineers and also has extensive MPDES and wetland permitting experience under the Clean Water Act. This distinct knowledge allows us to provide exceptional legal services to businesses and individuals affected by federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.

Briggs has represented many companies in environmental lawsuits and administrative proceedings brought by state and federal agencies. We have experience in air, water, recycling, hazardous and solid waste permitting and regulatory compliance matters; federal and state Superfund and private cost recovery claims and litigation; environmental dispute resolution; mass toxic tort litigation; remediation claims; and suits arising from other environmental laws including Toxic Substance Control Act, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, various environmental review requirements including the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations.

More specifically, Briggs' environmental law and litigation team has dealt with toxic tort cases for railroads, airlines and utilities; defense of CERCLA (or Superfund) and putative class action cases involving property damages, as well as response costs, under CERCLA, RCRA and common law theories; and public reporting obligations and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance matters. One team member has handled several constitutional challenges to governmental interference with interstate commerce and is experienced in acquiring permits through litigation for environmentally sensitive land issues, such as electric transmission lines and substations, gas lines, waste transfer stations, feedlots, aggregate mines, landfills and landfill expansions.

In preparing for litigation, Briggs litigators team with technical experts as well as with our own environmental attorneys who regularly assist clients in environmental issues and due diligence in real estate transactions, construction projects, land use and zoning permits, environmental impact assessments and statements, environmental audit programs, securities disclosures for public companies, environmental issues in bankruptcy proceedings, environmental audit reviews; environmental insurance; health and safety audit reviews as well as a variety of other disciplines.