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Briggs and Morgan’s Corporate Governance practice group, as part of the firm’s Business Law Section, is designed to assist clients of all sizes in the navigation, evaluation and implementation of legislation and regulations adopted by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), stock exchange and accounting profession.

In providing transactional and general counsel services, Briggs works primarily with public companies and nonprofit organizations, as well as their respective directors, board committees and executive officers, laying the groundwork for longstanding economic health in efficiency of management and other business arrangements.

Briggs’ corporate governance attorneys possess diverse backgrounds across a wide range of practice areas, including securities, corporate, labor and employment, employee benefits, litigation and white collar defense. In an effort to provide the most comprehensive legal counsel, in each case, we help clients identify an appropriate corporate governance model, resolve issues and aim to prevent the onset of future disputes. Wherever necessary, Briggs represents clients in various litigation proceedings.

In our past experience, we have handled issues of compensation and benefits; advice for distressed companies; conduct of board and shareholder meetings; representation of independent board members; board and committee responsibilities and structure; board consideration in raising capital, mergers and acquisitions; and matters relating to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Dodd-Frank Act.