Women Attorneys at the Table at Briggs and Morgan 

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November 14, 2016

Briggs and Morgan consistently attracts and retains some of the finest talent in the legal profession. The firm is exceeding national averages, with 35 percent women partners versus the average 21.5 percent, published by the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession. Briggs also has 38 percent women equity shareholders versus the average 18 percent.

The November issue of Attorney at Law magazine featured a few of the firm’s extraordinary women, including shareholders Nancy Aiken, Kari Berman, Kristine Boylan, Lauren Lonergan and Anissa Mediger, as well as executive director Ann Rainhart. Each explained in their own words why Briggs’ culture is exceptional in helping women attorneys build successful practices.

“As the firm has looked at strategic options for growth, we have come to realize that one of our greatest strengths is our very large group of successful women lawyers,” said Lauren Lonergan, head of the firm’s litigation department. “These are not just a couple of successful senior women, but it runs the gamut from young women, who are superstars in the making, to our most senior shareholders. It really is different from other firms of our size in our market.”

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