Steve Ryan Quoted in Article, “What's the Next Hot Market for Law Firm Mergers?”

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August 22, 2017

Steve Ryan was interviewed for an August 2017 article. In the article, “What's the Next Hot Market for Law Firm Mergers?,” he discusses the Minneapolis landscape regarding law firm mergers and Briggs’ plans to remain independent.

Ryan says he’s heard plenty of pitches from firms about merging, including from local, regional, national and global firms. “There is a lot of interest in access to the Twin Cities market,” he explained. But, with Briggs’ 100-plus year history representing large companies in Minneapolis, none of the pitches have been compelling enough for Briggs and Morgan to consider.

“I think people figure, ‘If I’m part of something big enough, I’ll always have that to fall back on,’” Ryan said. “I’m not sure that’s necessarily a great plan, at least for serving the markets we do here. We do national work for largely regional clientele.”

Read the article here.