Briggs Attorneys Argue Statewide Hunting Case

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October 3, 2014

Briggs and Morgan attorneys Scott Flaherty and Dan White recently briefed and argued a case of statewide importance to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Briggs and Morgan provided pro bono representation to a Minnesotan hunter convicted of violating a provision of the Minnesota fish and game laws that states: “A person may not take deer without a license.” But the hunter had not killed a deer. 

Oral argument was held at Worthington High School in front of more than 1,000 students from south-west Minnesota as part of the Supreme Court’s “biannual program that seeks to teach students about the court system and build the public’s trust and confidence in the Judicial Branch.” Such “school visits have taken center stage” in the Supreme Court’s public outreach and education efforts.

The Supreme Court’s Worthington event, including oral argument given by Flaherty and a post-argument Q&A session with the Justices, was broadcast on local cable television stations and streamed live via the Internet. Flaherty was quoted by Keloland TV. This event was the Supreme Court’s 40th in-school oral argument.

White was quoted about the case in an article by Outdoor News. In the article, White discusses the issue and the importance of arguing this case before the Supreme Court.