Briggs’ Ann Rainhart and James Keuning Author Mitchell Hamline Law Review Article Discussing Law Firm Operations

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May 22, 2018

Ann Rainhart, Briggs’ Chief Operating Officer, and James Keuning, Director of Practice Support, have authored, “The Law Firm Operations Team: Collaborative Agent of Change in a Changing Profession,” for the Mitchell Hamline Law Review. The article explores the various aspects of today’s law firm operations and discusses methods needed to adapt in order to move forward with success.

The opportunity to embrace change and look for new ways to deliver exceptional legal services is at our collective doorsteps. Clients are expecting faster, cheaper and better legal advice and business outcomes. Generations are expecting new things from their workplaces. Technology is changing the way we work and deliver results daily. New business entities are entering the marketplace looking to capture market-share from law firms. Professionals are emerging within law firms who are poised to help firms address the increasing complexity of the world in which we practice and operate our businesses. Law firms that strategically determine their leadership structures and partner collaboratively with subject matter operational professionals will lead in the changing market. Successful collaboration requires highly functioning teams aligned with a business strategy. However, collaboration is not enough. Additionally, teams must proactively lead their firms through change initiatives in ways that build on existing culture.

Organizational change is difficult, and it is easy to stay frozen and count on the way success has been achieved previously. But the changes that are coming are not going to slow down. If anything, the changes are going to speed up, and we will encounter innovations that no one saw coming. Law firm leadership needs to react with agility, by rapidly making decisions, and moving when inevitable opportunities arise. Lone leaders are incapable of absorbing, interpreting, and acting on the barrage of information in today’s market. Teams of capable operations leaders are the agents for change. They are the people who have the depth of knowledge required to partner with law firm leadership to move their firms forward.

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