Attorneys Karen McDaniel and Lisa Colburn Quoted in Twin Cities Business Article

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September 1, 2017

Karen McDaniel and Lisa Colburn were quoted in the article, “Safeguarding Intellectual Property,” by Twin Cities Business. The article highlights the May 2016 Defend Trade Secrets Act, which created a clear path of legal action for owners of trade secrets. The new law serves as a deterrent to ex-employees that may transfer trade secrets to new employers.

However, before a company’s information can be considered secret, the company must have taken steps to ensure that their information is kept under wraps. “According to the court, it is not enough for a company to intend to keep something secret—they must actually act to do so,” said Colburn.

Precautions can be taken upon hire of a new employee, to protect against future intellectual property losses. “The goal on this is to keep the horse in the barn,” McDaniel said. “There are all kinds of problems once the horse gets out of the barn. The whole trick is to prevent the theft in the first place.”

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