Briggs and Morgan's Partnership with Legal Aid

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June 8, 2012

Minnesota law provides that disabled or senior individuals are entitled to state funded personal care assistance (PCA). In 2010, when the state changed the qualification criteria, over 28,000 disabled and senior Minnesotans who depend on PCA services had their service hours reduced. Responding to this area of need, shareholder Jim Long, coordinator of Briggs and Morgan’s pro bono program, initiated the firm’s ongoing partnership with Legal Aid’s Minnesota Disability Law Center (DLC) and Seniors Unit.

Following substantive training on the PCA Appeals process, nine Briggs attorneys began work on the PCA Pro Bono Project, representing individuals in PCA benefits appeals to the Department of Health and Human Resources. After representing a child who was unable to speak for herself, associate Ellen Brinkman said, “It’s a tangible result…After the case I spoke with the child’s mother and was able to hear the difference my work made for that family, so they could continue to care for their daughter at home.” Handling 18 cases in the first year, Long received a letter of commendation from Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Gildea for the firm’s work on the Project.

Legal Aid highlighted Briggs in its 2011 Annual Report. The article is available here.