Attorneys Joe Dunham and Brett Hebert Author "The ‘SAFE’ Approach to Seed Financing"

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November 17, 2016

Briggs attorneys Joe Dunham and Brett Hebert authored "The ‘SAFE’ Approach to Seed Financing" for

Although preferred stock or convertible notes are still the predominate choice for start-ups in seed and early-state financings, a relatively new financing instrument called a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) has gained traction in the start-up ecosystem. A SAFE shares many characteristics with a convertible note, but is not technically a debt instrument. It is an investment contract that grants an investor the right to receive equity in the future following a “triggering event” (e.g., equity financing or sale of the company). Whether you are a start-up looking for financing, advising start-up clients during formation, or considering an investment in a start-up, a SAFE is worth looking into...

The full article can be read here.