Top 25 Blawgs 2011
Minnesota Employer named a Top 25 Minnesota Blawg by the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Minnesota Employer is a blog intended to provide practical employment law information concerning federal and state employment laws for Minnesota employers. Posts discuss employment issues,  litigation, legislation, and other matters that have an impact on employers.

The Financial Markets Law blog provides up-to-date commentary and reflection on the events that are shaping today’s financial markets, including regulatory developments, significant decisions in securities and insurance litigation, and any other noteworthy events that may affect our clients. The authors are always interested in hearing from readers who would like to further discuss the matters posted here.

The Trusts & Estates Death and Taxes Law blog provides the user insights and articles on topical issues regarding trust and estate law locally and nationally, provides the user resources to better understand the law of trusts and estates, and provides the user summaries of current Minnesota case law and other interesting probate cases throughout the country relevant to trusts and estates.

IntellectualIP is a Briggs and Morgan and University of Minnesota Law School – Educational Co-Sponsor blog. It’s intended to provide practical information concerning U.S. and international intellectual property law. Opinions expressed on this blog do not reflect University of Minnesota support or endorsement of Briggs and Morgan or of any other non-university entity cited or linked to on this site.