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at Briggs and Morgan

At Briggs and Morgan, we understand that continuing our tradition of excellence depends on hiring, trainings, and retaining a diverse group of talented and motivated people who share our passion for the law and serving clients. Since 1882, Briggs lawyers have defined our firm through initiative, leadership, and service in commercial and litigation areas.

As a leading provider of legal services in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, our attorneys represent a broad range of businesses, governmental bodies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in complex litigation and commercial matters. We rely on hiring bright, committed new lawyers to continue the success of our firm. Legal knowledge and a strong work ethic are necessary prerequisites for any lawyer. At Briggs, we find that possessing an engaging personality is equally important. We hire individuals with whom we want to work and with whom our clients and potential clients enjoy spending their time. Our attorneys help to make solving even the most challenging of legal tasks more palatable, and clients report that they have fun with their Briggs teams.

We do our entry-level hiring through our summer associate program. New Briggs lawyers are expected to take on a high level of responsibility. This is why we hire summer associates who are intelligent, motivated, mature, and confident. We designed a summer associate program that gives law students a realistic view of what it is like to work as an associate at Briggs for the same reason.

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“Working as a summer associate at Briggs and Morgan, I was quickly immersed in the practical life of an associate. I was treated like a colleague the day I walked through the door and was trusted to take on a challenging and diverse work load, while also given the opportunity to partake in social activities to interact with the many genuine individuals who work at the firm.  The collegial and friendly environment, coupled with the opportunity to engage in meaningful legal work from the onset, is what solidified my want to join the Briggs team.”

-Lauren Pockl, Associate (Summer Associate 2013)