Associate Life
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Associate life at Briggs at Morgan is described by our attorneys as both challenging and exhilarating.  Files are staffed leanly, so new attorneys are engaged in important work, collaborating directly with our most senior shareholders and having client contact from day one.  

In addition to honing their legal skills through the practice of law, associates are provided training in their particular practice area.  We also provide training in more general topics involved in the practice of law such as marketing and proper billing.  Briggs also engages the National Institute for Trial Advocacy to provide customized experiential training programs for our attorneys and partners with area law firms to conduct mock arguments.  And, we recently worked with the Opus School of Business at St. Thomas University to create a training program directly aimed at sharpening our associates' business acumen to enhance their abilities to help our corporate clients solve problems.  Briggs also supports individual attorneys' skill development through appropriate CLE and seminar attendance.  

Associates are evaluated twice a year in the beginning of their practice at Briggs, and evaluations continue annually as they reach eligibility for shareholder consideration.  The Evaluation Committee works closely with section heads to make sure that associates are getting the experience they need to learn and grow, and are also taking the appropriate initiative to position themselves to be elected shareholder.  

Each incoming associate is assigned a mentor to help acclimate him or her to the Firm and to the practice of law.  After two years of practice, associates also become members of Senior Associate Mentoring Roundtables.  In these cross-sectional groups led by successful shareholders, the associates discuss professional development topics and what they can do to achieve their individual goals. 

In addition to the formal training and mentorship programs, Briggs strives to encourage socialization and fun among our attorneys.  Associates participate in firm-sponsored happy hours, retreats, parties and other activities and organize their own group activities from time to time.  Periodic all-attorney lunches are also held to encourage collaboration and friendships across our sections.  

Associates are encouraged to communicate their ideas and concerns to Firm management, either directly or through an Associate Panel which is elected by the associate group.  Associates are also encouraged to contribute to various Firm committees.  

We are proud of each of our associate attorneys and know that they represent a bright future for Briggs and Morgan. To learn more about associate opportunities at Briggs, please see the pages on the Summer Associate Program, or, if you are a practicing attorney, the Lateral Opportunities page.